Number of accidents

About the map

The Swiss Crashmap is based on the accident register of the federal office for roads ASTRA. It contains all the 213'248 accidents registered by the police from 2011 to 2014 involving at least one vehicle. The data was collected by the police on the ground and anonymized by ASTRA.
The overview-mode only shows the black spots. By zooming in to street-level, the details of the different accidents are revealed. The causes of the accidents are deactivated in the detail-mode for legal reasons.
The map was created by the Swiss newspapers SonntagsZeitung, Tages-Anzeiger and Le Matin Dimanche in collaboration with the Resarch Centre Sotomo of the University of Zurich. The data is licensed by ASTRA and may not be used by third parties without agreement.


SonntagsZeitung: Julian Schmidli, Barnaby Skinner
Le Matin Dimanche: Alexandre Haederli
Tages-Anzeiger: Mario Stäuble, Marc Brupbacher
Sotomo: Mario Nowak
smartive: Thilo Haas, Peter Manser
You & Damian: Damian Caduff

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